How does MaryAiñe help you heal?

I have been very successful with individuals who intuitively know that they would be unstoppable, if they could just heal their past wounds. They are mothers, fathers, sons and daughters that are ready to stand in the wonder of love and the abundance of their matriarchal power. They are ready to release the trauma trapped in their bodies and minds. Are you?

I help mitigate the effects of life on your bodies.

Reversing the effects of trauma is what my sessions can bring to your state of well being. When one is set free from the past in body and spirit, decisiveness and forward motion become organic, instead of a battle. Addictions fall away, businesses grow, relationships are formed with safe, whole people. In short, your outer life begins to reflect the harmony of your inner life. I would be honored to finally help you discover the capacity to feel love, laughter and joy.  

You deserve to have a second chance at life. It is never too late.

Is this talk therapy?

My clients typically come to me after having tried talk therapy, sometimes for years. While your past trauma and beliefs will come forth, they are allowed to do so from the periphery. We access them indirectly. This allows you to refrain from reliving the trauma and encourages you to approach the event or events from a new perspective. 

Is this hypnotherapy?

While I have received hypnotherapy, and I’ve seen it work for some, I do not use hypnotherapy. My sessions involve many modalities, based on your unique challenges and goals. 

Is this shamanic journeying?

Shamanic journeying inspires much of what I do. I believe strongly that we have connections to the divine within us all. At times, I will walk you through visualizations and scenarios that will call on your spirit guides. This will help you to not only access your own memories in new ways, but receive the healing intention of the divine.

Okay, so it’s not talk therapy, or hypnotherapy or shamanic journeying. So, what is it you actually do?

I’m a guide, an energy worker, an intuitive and a healer; I use a vast array of healing modalities to help your body and mind release the trauma. There are so many personalities and types of trauma, that a single modality can only heal so much. I use tapping, rapid eye technology, cranio sacral therapy, somatic emotional release, heart centered therapy, guided meditations and many more methods. I get to know you, and I help you to get to know yourself in a new way. I walk beside you as you learn to release your fears.