This is an introduction to goddess archetypes, and women’s temple experience.

  • You can unlock your avenue of expression,
  • Let go of body issues
  • Understand life patterns and shamelessly come out of hiding.

Fulfill your life with us by loving yourself.

Come learn the inner gnosis of the modern-day-priestess. Find within yourself the feminine and masculine essence that empowers you as you explore your sentient-wild-warrior-goddess self.

The light is emerging from Mama Earth to correct the shadowy and violent history. Our global sisterhood is rising with her to be the Light Bearers shining brightly on HER-story. Our new story.


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March 9, 2020 1 PM on Zoom

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MaryAiñe Curtis is a Transformation Specialist, author and guide-ess helping people to release blocked energy from trauma. She brings you Peace Full Priestess Temple offerings as a priestess initiate based on the 13 Moon Mystery School teachings and Priestess Presence Temple.
I am a wise woman with a long, adventurous Universal life education. I bring the gems to you with direct downloads to quicken your journey.

Healer in San Luis Obispo - MaryAiñe Curtis