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Boundaries | How Vibrations Effect Us| Part 5-5

Hi, I’m MaryAiñe Curtis of Return2Yoy and thought for the moment is about vibrations and how they affect us. The vibrations of words particularly and the sound of our voice, the tones that we use, and I was just sitting here for a moment just gathering my thoughts, connecting internally with myself and thinking, no, not thinking. I was not thinking. I took a moment of no thinking of stillness, empty presence, which is something that I practice more and more every day to just be present because what happens when I’m not present, my mind is way ahead of me, about 20 feet or it’s way behind me worrying about what happened yesterday, what happened all this morning, and then it jumps back and forth between where I’m going, what I have to do, all of the chatter in my head. And if I stop for just a moment and get centered, get quiet and can be here right now present.

Vibrations and their Importance in Healing

And so vibrations is something that affects me all the time as well. I think about vibrations like this when I use certain words, what is my intent behind the word? I used to be a really sarcastic brat and learned with all those brothers. You know, they didn’t. It was my backwards side handed way of getting back at them and to call them names or be mean and and it didn’t really serve. That’s when I was very closed up and I had lots of walls around me to protect me and I learned as I started learning more about how I wanted to feel, how I wanted to be kinder and really be who I am. Let my heart be open, be more vulnerable, that some words just felt really bad and to use them in joking. There’s a lot of sarcasm in this world and it was awful and it’s not joking.

It’s not funny. It’s intended to hurt. And if that’s what you want to do, then you also are going to have the repercussions of that energy come back at you because you will be hurt as a result. Not only will somebody else do that, but you will be hurt in your spirit because your spirit won’t feel good and it’s really hard work to be mean and nasty. It’s not such a hard thing to be kind. Although it is risky to be kind because many of us have been made fun of for being too nice or not standing up for ourselves or just kind of blowing things off. But when you kind of assess your day at the end of the day, how did you relate to people? Were you kind over your house and mean and nasty or you didn’t have time for them or maybe just the energy of I don’t even want to talk to you to a neighbor was enough that you projected that energy out there.

Energy that is projected at us

We feel the energy that is projected at us or around us because we have this gauge inside of us that’s vibrational, that is like a radar actually that picks up the energy of other people or their feelings or whether they’re feeling mean and nasty. I mean it’s obvious when there’s a mean and nasty person in the room. Everybody feels it. Now, one way that you will notice this is if you’ve ever been, maybe you were a kid, maybe it’s you in an argument and the phone rings and you are saying all these mean things and yelling and using your voice. You know, and the phone rings and you pick it up and you go, hello and you’re all nice all of a sudden. And then as soon as you finish with the phone call, you’re back to being mean again. Holy moly. It’s just, it’s, it’s, it’s a learned behavior to be nice as soon as you pick up the phone, cause you don’t know who it’s going to be and then you’re back in the argument and that’s vibration.

That’s energy. But if someone walks into a room where there has been a lot of arguing going on, you can feel the density of that behavior in the same way. If you walk into a room where it’s joyful and happy and people feel good, you feel welcomed, you feel light, you want to join, right? It feels good. It’s yummy. And so these vibrations are things that you can just observe in yourself, observe in the people around you, and start noticing what happens with your words and the tone of your voice.

The tone of your voice has a lot to do with things too, and we’ll talk about that on another day. Thank you for listening, and if you’d like to know more, there’s a link below to sign up to get more these little videos. And if you have comments or questions, please let me know. I have many things to talk about and I would love to talk about what it is important to you. Okay. Thank you.

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