It’s Another BM Moment

Hi, this is MaryAiñe and I had a conversation with someone the other day who called and wanted to know about relieving anxiety and old behavior, things that had happened to them in the past. They were naturally quite disturbed about how they would get along without some of the stuff that became overwhelming to them and and affected their life, and their relationships, even their job. As we were talking and I mentioned that “when you let go of old stories, they really are stories that become patterns, we do them over and over with different people throughout our life and it keeps attracting the same kind of relationships. We’re trying to heal what happened to us early on, so that we can really love ourselves and accept ourselves for who we are, and then attract the people that would match the vibration that were at and have a much better, much more mature and conscious lifestyle with them. As we were talking and she said “Well what will happen, if you know, how am I going to let this go?” and I thought “Well you know, this is kind of crude but,when you have a BM and you maybe even look at it to see how it looks you know and then you flush it down the toilet, right?”
I was talking about the thoughts that she kept having over and over again and a trigger word that would change that and and it just occurred to me that it’s like it’s another BM moment. You can stop these recurring thoughts, you can stop beating up on yourself by just breaking the pattern. It is called the pattern interrupt and it changes what you’re saying to yourself because on one level it’s quite funny, on the others it’s exactly what you’re doing. You’re having another BM moment, so if you’re ready to let go of some of that old programming, take this to heart and if you’d like to know more contact me and we’ll have a talk. We can get together and find out what patterns are interrupting your life and make some changes so that you can be fully in control of your life and empowered, okay? So for now, make it a great day

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MaryAine Curtis
MaryAiñe Curtis is a member of Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals(ABMP). She studied Cranio Sacral therapy, Somato Emotional Release and Heart Centered Therapy through the Upledger Institute curriculum. She is a Master Rapid Eye Technologist, and member of the Overlight Healing Team. She can be heard speaking twice a month on the community radio show at Deeper Than Memory, Deeper Money on 97.3 FM, focused on the connection of women and relationships On her off time, and to find healing inspiration for the programs she offers, MaryAine loves to hike with her Bodhi pup where she resides in a little ocean town on the California coastline. She spends as much joyful time as possible with her grandsons,family, her sweetheart and dear friends.
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