Boundaries, respect, how to say no

Boundaries | Sphere of Influence | Part 4-5

Hi, this is MaryAiñe Curtis of Return2Joy with my thought for the moment, my thought about boundaries and I sphere of influence, the sphere of influence would be right around us about arms length. Who’s comfortable in it and who is not energetically the sphere of influence that we have is our comfort level and people being near us. Too many people being narrows. What happens to our body when we feel threatened? We get smaller usually or when we feel good, we feel comfortable. Then we kind of like open up and we let our heart open up. You can see this in people. If you observe them, people that are really hunched over, it’s like, Oh my gosh, I think their heart must have been broken because they’re protecting their heart is how we do that. And people that are confident and stand tall feel really good about themselves.

So just notice how people move around in your daily life and you can see a difference. And this is what I’m calling the sphere of influence. That how people affect the vibration of your body based on how you feel about their presence. Close to you. The vibrational energy of the words that I speak, the words that I feel, the feelings that you can transmit. I mean I, I don’t have to say anything. I’m people can pick up on the emotions that I am emitting. Sending out there like electrical signals because we are electrical. We are vibrational so we can pick up. If somebody is uncomfortable with us, they don’t like us, they love us, they love us too much and regulate them within our own body. Regulate them within our own sphere of influence, which is about arms with around you, your boundaries, and just notice this is a really good way to figure out what your boundaries are.

When somebody loves who loves you, you love approaches you and immediately you give them a hug. You say hello. You give him a kiss, you feel comfortable with them, you comfortable with them, you feel good. That feels good to have them within your sphere of influence. When somebody you don’t know steps to close to you, you may step back. You might not even realize you stepped back, but you did because a minute, I don’t know you, you’re untested. I’m not sure who you are or what you mean to do. And so I’m going to step back. I’m going to tighten up. I’m going to get smaller to for protection, which is something women do. What I’d rather have you do, and I’m just thinking about this as I’m saying it, is if somebody steps into your circle that instead of getting small, you get bigger and just enlarge yourself and larger energy and push them back out of your circle.

I think that would work just fine. So you notice these things about you and, and just take a day that you start noticing how you feel when you’re walking downtown perhaps or at school or at work, even somebody bumps into you. Somebody gives you a wide berth. Somebody is walking too closely to you or maybe too closely behind you. Notice how you feel about the proximity of people around you. And this is another way, becoming aware of your boundaries and what feels acceptable to you and what is not. So today I thank you for listening to this practice. Let me know if you have questions, please send me a note and we’ll talk about it more. Okay. Thank you so much.

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MaryAine Curtis
MaryAiñe Curtis is a member of Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals(ABMP). She studied Cranio Sacral therapy, Somato Emotional Release and Heart Centered Therapy through the Upledger Institute curriculum. She is a Master Rapid Eye Technologist, and member of the Overlight Healing Team. She can be heard speaking twice a month on the community radio show at Deeper Than Memory, Deeper Money on 97.3 FM, focused on the connection of women and relationships On her off time, and to find healing inspiration for the programs she offers, MaryAine loves to hike with her Bodhi pup where she resides in a little ocean town on the California coastline. She spends as much joyful time as possible with her grandsons,family, her sweetheart and dear friends.
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