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In Love With Love and Learn to Love Yourself First

Hi, this is Maryaiñe of Return 2 Joy. And I just had a great conversation with one of my clients that we were talking about supplements. We were talking about new different cures for ALS and ailments and aches and pains. And you know what I’ve learned over the years, I’ve invested in a lot of different things to make myself feel better. And I’m coming to believe, and I’m sharing this because I think it’s really important, is that the healing that we get, it comes from right here inside our heart. He comes from our mind. Because if you ever had something that you had to go to doctors for over and over, and every time they gave some kind of new cure, you’ve got that hope. Yeah, this is the one that’s going to help me so much. And it worked for a couple of months and then you’re back to where you started.

I’ve had that happen. I’ve had to have migraines. That was my big Achilles heel is migraines and over and over and over. And then you know, there, there was periods of time in my life over the decades that, that I fell in love and the love they like sir. Oh my goodness. That is just the magic. If I could bottle it, I’d be a millionaire. However you can’t bottle it. It’s an inside insight job inside. So when you fall in love, you start seeing the colors brighter. This guy’s blue or the smells or yummier food tastes better. Everything is better, right? Because that feeling of being in love is a reflection of the person looking at your magic, the magic in you. We all have it.

What if instead of buying the next magical cure going into the next thing, you started paying more attention to what’s in your heart and letting go of the things that are ready to release and really beginning to fall in love with you, who you are. And I bet ya I really believe this, that Ailes things, the ALU things that hurts you, things that haunt you will start falling away. And you’ll find that being in love with yourself, romancing yourself, really finding, doing special things to make you feel better. The things that you want somebody else to do for you but they don’t think of. So you do it for yourself. And why not? This is the way that you can return to joy.

And I just hope that you try this. It’s awesome. And, and uh, see how it feels. See how much joy you can bring into your life just by paying extra special attention to yourself and taking care of you, your inner child, your special divine child, the wounded child. Love yourself. Give yourself the kind of love you always wanted and see what happens. Magic is gonna happen.

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MaryAine Curtis
MaryAiñe Curtis is a member of Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals(ABMP). She studied Cranio Sacral therapy, Somato Emotional Release and Heart Centered Therapy through the Upledger Institute curriculum. She is a Master Rapid Eye Technologist, and member of the Overlight Healing Team. She can be heard speaking twice a month on the community radio show at Deeper Than Memory, Deeper Money on 97.3 FM, focused on the connection of women and relationships On her off time, and to find healing inspiration for the programs she offers, MaryAine loves to hike with her Bodhi pup where she resides in a little ocean town on the California coastline. She spends as much joyful time as possible with her grandsons,family, her sweetheart and dear friends.
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