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I have been very successful with individuals who intuitively know that they would be unstoppable, if they could just heal their past wounds. They are mothers, fathers, sons and daughters that are ready to stand in the wonder of love and the abundance of their matriarchal power. They are ready to release the trauma trapped in their bodies and minds. Are you?
We want you to understand the results people are getting. Watch how Jill took her life back to become herself again.

Your One Precious Life

Each of our lives is a system of past triumphs and traumas that influence our present feelings and behaviours. When your traumas become a pattern, repeating over and over in your life, you’re faced with a choice: continue the struggle or break the cycle. My healing begins when you want answers and are ready to take your life into your own hands to heal the trauma. Together, we create a safe and sacred space to explore and release the negativity that holds them back from living their one precious life to the fullest.

Childhood Pain Can be a Hidden Block to Happiness

As adults, the memories of our childhood wounds appear as scars, but our inner child experiences those wounds as though they are fresh. As adults, we judge ourselves using the same harsh language our parents used. By doing so, we continue to wound our inner child. This limits our ability to heal those wounds and prevents our inner child from feeling safe and loved.

All of your memories, good and bad, are tucked away in your body. You are storing the anger and sadness you experienced as a child, and when current events remind you of those original wounds, you act out of that original fear, anger, or grief. However, just as patterns can be made, they can be changed.

Healing is a Process

The work we’ll do together will empower you to handle your triggers with grace. Your perception about who you are will shift dramatically. You’ll have better sleep and more energy. You’ll develop greater compassion for yourself and others, paving the way for more rewarding relationships and experiences. By releasing negativity, you’ll make room for positivity to enter your life; by healing old wounds you’ll create more opportunities for growth.

I act as an intuitive guide and inspiration, encouraging you to face the negativity. I walk with you through this journey, teaching and sharing the tools that have helped me and thousands of others. Without reliving the trauma, we release the feelings that hold the details of the story. Together we’ll let go of old patterns and perceptions that tell you that you aren’t enough or that you are unlovable. You’ll learn to use an array of methods to reaffirm your sanctity and empower yourself.

Even though I have not experienced your unique challenges, I have walked through my own fears and overcome limiting beliefs about myself. This allows me to mentor you with compassion and understanding; judgement has no place in my process. I have worked with thousands of clients over decades, and in doing so have honed my intuitive and practical skills.

I employ many healing modalities and have adapted various teachings from Jungian psychology to shamanic journeying, and beyond. Together, in the safety of my studio or your home, we can address the trauma that has scarred you. We do this by:

  • Forming a sacred container surrounded by divine love (your safe space based on your spiritual beliefs)
  • Engaging various methodologies taken from psychology and spiritual healing to uncover the underlying trauma and understand it from an adult point of reference.

Honor your spiritual beliefs, Find healing and Return to joy.

Let me guide you as we navigate the shadows of your past and bring to light the true beauty of your soul. You will find that you are a precious human being; you will answer your deep longing for love.

Lives Have Changed

“MaryAiñe is a master in her craft and creates a sacred space for you to experience complete safety within your session as she intuitively listens to your body and heart.
MaryAine has the amazing ability to help you get to the “heart of the matter” by asking a series of questions and then helping you release patterns by using the Return2Joy methods.
She also gives you tools to practice on a daily basis that empower you to take control of your own issues as they arise.
She is warm, outgoing and non-judgmental and willingly shares her own life experiences and her own very personal transformation.”


“In my session with MaryAine, she helped me construct a new daily mantra about money and what it means to me today without the baggage of my past. She used her Sacred Money Archetypes™ training to summons my Benevolent Queen, and show me how being an entrepreneurial single mom has kept me in a more masculine place. I plan to move forward from the session with less worry and stress about the future so I can be in a free feminine space of choice.”

Kim O’Hara

Book and Story Coach

“Many therapist have one or two skills that are used on everyone. MaryAine has a broad range of skills that can be drawn upon depending on the clients’ needs.”

Tom Tynan


“What surprisingly wonderful experiences I’ve had with your RET sessions. You’ve helped me in dealing the the pain of a lost loved one, both for myself, my Dad and his mother, and now dealing with the feelings around the divorce. I found that since the last session I no longer have the feeling of wanting to cry throughout the day. Thank you again. “

G. S.

You are Love

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