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Spread Your Wings

 Have you held back your talents long enough? Is there a part of you that is yearning to be seen and heard? Join us for some inspiration and test your wings. You can fly and fully embody what you came here to do with the help of your angels.  5.23.18

It's Better Than I Expected


It's time to circle up, make assignments and trust your angels to know the way to help you. All great teams have a leader. Learn to be in alignment in your life with clear intentions to lead your angelic team.  

Give them specific assignments so they know what you want. It simplifies your load.  Collaborate with your angel team and get better than expected results. 5.9.18

Faith it, Fake it, Make it, Through Shaky Times in our World.


Reaffirm how you walk in the world and call in goodness and abundance with your angel team.  Call on your angel team to show you how to stay in faith. 4.25.18

Working with Your Angels


We all have a Guardian Angel. In our daily lives we sometimes forget to call on our angels.

Calling on your Angels and letting your angel team help you is easier than you think. Your Angel's love to be your personal assistants. Receive inspiration and messages from your angels. 3.28.18

Turning Down the Volume of Negative Overwhelm


How do you Stay focused and Strong during these Challenging Times? 

Is your attention divided between fear and hope? How do you shake the heaviness that comes with the news?  Hear about the number 1 thing that you can do to turn down the volume on negativity. 3.14.18

Your Gems are hidden

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