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You Are LOVE

We are not our memories

All of your memories, good and bad, are tucked away in your body. The "inner child"  or "wounded child", holds these memories as the truth. As adults we tend to judge ourselves harshly with the the same words that were said to us.  You can change that pattern and learn that the mind body connection is where anger and sadness are stored. Childhood pain can be a hidden block to happiness. You may feel like you've been through a boot camp of life experiences and through it all, your spirit has overcome, persevered and created the person that you are today. You've been shaped by life. 

Your body remembers everything. We release the feelings that hold the details of the story without needing to retell it.

It's time to LIVE your life in peace, self acceptance and forgiveness.

Together we'll release old patterns and perceptions that tell you that you aren't enough or that you are unlovable. You'll learn to use positive affirmations, tapping and eye movement techniques to create powerful healing opportunities in your precious life.

My Call to You

 You can feel self-empowered on your healing journey while honoring your spiritual beliefs and return to joy. 

Many of us carry the belief that we are wrong. We were often taught to bury our feelings, not talk back, and do what you're told. Our parents didn't always have the tools to understand deep childhood fears and feelings. We were often left to figure it out on our own.  We knew we didn't want to be in trouble.

Whether your belief comes from your parents, church elders, school or life; we can shift the belief that you are undeserving or damaged. 

 Together, in the safety of my studio or your home, we address the trauma that occured. We form a sacred container surrounded by our Creator to uncover the underlying trauma and understand from an adult point of reference. 

Your perception about who you are, shifts dramatically. You understand from a new point of awareness about your life. You can sleep better. You have much more energy, as if a thousand pounds drop from your shoulders.

Your parents divorced, you thought it was your fault. People you love leave you. Your relationships fail. You suffer with deep-seated feelings of abandonment. It's not your fault.

It may have been a death and the practice of not telling the child the truth or not letting the boy grieve that has led you to believe something is wrong with you. So you closed your heart to protect it and never talked about this again.

It may be a trusted family member or neighbor molested you at a young age, and made you promise not to tell or you would suffer dire consequences. Now you have difficulty trusting anyone. It's not your fault.

As an adult you may experience anxiety, lack of confidence, rebellousness and depression that substance abuse seems to pacify  for a time.  It doesn't work. Buried feelings fester and become dis-ease and illness.

Let me guide you as we navigate the shadows of your history and bring to light the true beauty of your soul. You will find that you are a precious human being. You will answer your deep longing for love.

My call to you
Are you ready to feel heard?  Do you yearn to be understood, and to understand, so that you can live your life as a fully engaged, whole, trusting and loving adult?  It's possible. 

Call me when you want answers. Call when you are ready to take your life into your own hands and heal the trauma. We can walk this road to healing your heart, together. You are precious.


Lives Have Changed

 MaryAiñe is a master in her craft and creates a sacred space for you to experience complete safety within your session as she intuitively listens to your body and heart.  


" MaryAine has the amazing ability to help you get to the "heart of the matter" 

 by asking a series of questions and then helping you release patterns by using the   

 Return2Joy methods. 

 She also gives you tools to practice on a daily basis that empower you to take 

 control of your own issues as they arise

 She is warm, outgoing and non-judgmental and willingly shares her own life 

 experiences and her own very personal transformation." - MLF"  


"In my session with MaryAine, she helped me construct a new daily mantra about money   

and what it means to me today without the baggage of my past.  She used her Sacred Money   Archetypes™ training to summons my Benevolent Queen, and show me how being an entrepreneurial single mom has kept me in a more masculine place.  I plan to move forward from the session with less worry and stress about the future so I can be in a free feminine space of choice.”

-Kim O’Hara, Book and Story Coach


"Many therapist have one or two skills that are used on  everyone.   
MaryAine has a broad range of skills that can be drawn upon  

 depending on the clients' needs." 

 Tom Tynan, Ireland



  " What surprisingly wonderful experiences I've had with your RET sessions. 

  You've helped me in dealing the the pain of a lost loved one, both for myself, my Dad

  and his mother, and now dealing with the feelings around the divorce. I found that since 

  the last session I no longer have the feeling of wanting to cry throughout the day.

 Thank you again. " - G. S.